All Penny Stocks

All Penny Stocks

penny stockPenny stocks are low-cost investments that are not traded on any major exchanges, but the lack of regulation makes them more of a risk. The main reason is because there isn’t as much regulation with regard to these markets, as there are no filing requirements. This has led to a lack of transparency among certain broker-dealers who sell these types of stocks.

All penny stocks are attached to smaller companies, so they will have more market volatility than mid-cap or high-cap stocks. The main reason is because they don’t have as many assets or access to capital, but the returns can be significant if the company grows. Just try to understand that it can go the other way as well.

Penny stocks aren’t meant for people with a low risk tolerance, so you need to be careful before you decide to invest. After all, you could lose more than your cash flow can handle.

Definition of All Penny Stocks

The term “penny stock” is actually a misnomer because many of them don’t sell for that price. In fact, something is considered a penny stock if it sells for less than $5 a share, but even that is not always the case. There are many large companies on major exchanges that sell below that price, and there are many smaller companies that go for more. So, many investors view a penny stock as any security that sells for less than $3 a share and is not available on any formal exchange (such as the NYSE).

Because these companies have limited assets, they are referred to as “speculative investments.” It can be hard to predict what it will do in the future, which is why penny stocks are more of a gamble than standard investments. You can still get a huge return if its value goes up. That’s why investing in penny stocks is a lot like finding a “diamond in the rough.”

These stocks aren’t sold on major exchanges, so they’re not subject to any filing requirements. Therefore, they are sold outside of the standard market. People often called them “Pink Sheets” because they were once printed on pink paper. But the lack of regulation in these “over-the-counter” markets comes with risks of which investors need to be mindful.

All Penny Stocks Fraud

penny stockBecause of the lack of regulatory standards on these stocks, they don’t have as much liquidity in the marketplace. There aren’t as many people selling them, and there aren’t as many people looking for them. So, it may be difficult to dump your stocks at the right time, and that could put you at risk of losing more than you planned. Timing is critical, which is why they are riskier than standard investments.

There isn’t as much information on which to make a decision, and this lack of transparency has led to acts of fraud. Many companies use high-pressure sales tactics to lure investors into buying stocks that they know are worthless, and they won’t disclose important information about the stock. Be careful not to fall into this trap, or you could lose more than you will be able to afford.

Of course, that is only a brief explanation of what may go on behind these companies. In fact, there are a couple of common tactics that they will use to sell their stocks under false pretenses.

Biased Recommendations

Some penny stock traders will pay people to recommend certain stocks through various media outlets. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Newsletters
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Spam E-mail

They try to persuade people to buy into stocks that they know are worthless.

Offshore Brokers

According to the SEC, a company located outside the US can sell their stocks to American investors. Some penny stock investors will take advantage of this regulatory loophole to sell their stocks to an offshore broker, who can sell it back to the US. They do this to keep from registering the stock with the SEC.

Finding the Right All Penny Stocks Broker

penny stock

While there are companies that sell all penny stocks under false pretenses, there are legitimate brokers with more honest business practices, and AAA Penny Stocks is one of them. We offer real-time quotes and accurate data that you can use to make an informed decision. Investing in penny stocks is not for the faint of heart, but there is a rule that applies to all investing. And that is that the greater the risk, the greater the return. But you still have to be smart about how much risk you take, or you could lose too much money. Let us help you find that “diamond in the rough.”

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